First things first.

If you’re looking for precisely edited, stylish, engaging content that’s going to catch your audience’s audience and KEEP IT — you’re in the right place


What’s an experience reel?

A 20-50 second dynamically edited video (shot vertically) that encompasses an experience in a way that you truly can’t look or scroll away from

It’s not a long, horizontal 2 minute recap.

Save that for Facebook and your newsletters.

It’s a short form Edit that’s so engaging, you can experience the moment all over again just by watching it

These reels are meant for platforms like Instagram Reels and Tiktok — where you can’t afford to lose your viewers attention for even a second

That’s where I come in :)

I’ve shot experiences like:


(Click play to watch) Shot and edited for Groove Society4th of July Weekend
Tap here to see their IG post live

Yoga and Wellness events

In partnership with 420 Space Yoga and Tifftopia Click here to see the IG post live

Galleries and exhibits

Part of a multi-reel project for the Banksy Exhibit in early 2022
Click here to see their IG post live

Anything and Everything

In partnership with

Glossier Miami 

for their

Flagship Opening

Click here to see Miami Design District’s post live

In collaboration with Rooftop Cinemas